21 July 2020

Online directory points way to national map, land registration & cadastral data from official sources

National Mapping, Cadastral and Land Registry Authorities (NMCAs) have launched an online directory to help users find official geospatial, land registration and cadastral information and maps from Europe.

Available via the website of EuroGeographics, the not-for-profit membership association for European NMCAs, users select their country of interest via the online map, and then click on a quick link to the national cadastre portal or geoportal.

Mick Cory, Secretary General and Executive Director, EuroGeographics says: “Our members’ data is important because it supports a range of legal, fiscal, security and other public administrative purposes, and provides reliable, consistent context and clarity to information about people and places. This takes users beyond the national map to a rich information resource used by governments, public authorities and citizens for important decisions and official purposes.”

“By providing links to the data available, our membership map is a simple way to signpost users to national maps, cadastral and land registration information across geographical Europe. It is just one of the ways we are facilitating access to our members’ data, services and expertise.”

Further information about each authority, including the latest case studies, can be found by clicking on the member name. The case studies are taken from EuroGeographics annual reviews and demonstrate the value and breadth of NMCA activities. Topics include open data, digital transformation, quality, interoperability and national spatial data infrastructures.

Please visit https://eurogeographics.org/our-members/ for more information.

EuroGeographics is an international not-for-profit organisation (AISBL/ IVZW under Belgian Law. BCE registration:  833 607 112) and the membership association for the European National Mapping, Cadastral and Land Registry Authorities. It currently brings together members from 46 countries, covering the whole of geographical Europe.