27 May 2022

Post-pandemic user requirements are foundation for future collaborations

EuroGeographics President, Colin Bray (left), Zeljko Obradovic, Director, Federal Administration for Geodetic and Real Property Affairs, and Léa Bodossian, Secretary General and Executive Director, EuroGeographics (right) discuss the importance of official geospatial data with Mr. Fadil Novalić, Prime Minister of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Leaders of Europe’s national mapping, cadastral and land registration authorities met in Sarajevo last week to discuss the role of official geospatial data in reconnecting post-pandemic.

EuroGeographics’ General Assembly 2022 heard that user requirements for official geospatial data will form the foundation for future collaborations as a series of speakers demonstrated its importance in preparing for the decade of action, as well as in recovery and resilience programmes. Users from the United Nations, European Parliament, Commission and its agencies also expressed a strong desire to work in partnership with the Association and its members.

“In uncertain times, authoritative mapping, cadastral and land registration information provides certainty to those with responsibility for making critical decisions,” said Colin Bray, President of EuroGeographics.

“Reliable geospatial data is therefore crucial for reconnecting post-pandemic, and as national sources of mapping, cadastral and land registration information, our members have a key role to play in Europe’s resilience and recovery programme, and in addressing key issues that extend beyond national boundaries.”

“Achieving ambitions against a backdrop of change requires reconnection – reconnection with members​, reconnection with stakeholder​s, and reconnection with users – to ensure we continue to provide the high-quality data and services that underpin the infrastructures relied on by modern society.”

“Our challenge now is to meet the needs of users in a way that can be sustained for the benefit of all.”

Hosted by the Federal Administration for Geodetic and Real Property Affairs in Sarajevo, the annual conference was opened by Mr. Fadil Novalić, Prime Minister of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Ms. Ankica Gudeljević, Minister for Civil Affairs.

During the formal business of the Association, Colin Bray, Ordnance Survey Ireland was re-elected to the Management Board and as the Association’s President.

Members also elected Denis Tabučić from the Federal Administration for Geodetic and Real Property Affairs, Bosnia & Herzegovina; Kristian Møller, Agency for Data Supply and Efficiency, Denmark; and Emilio López Romero, National Geographic Institute of Spain to the Management Board, and thanked Amalia Velasco Martín-Varés, Spanish Directorate General for Cadastre and Sanja Zekušić, State Geodetic Administration, Croatia who both came to the end of their term.

EuroGeographics is an international not-for-profit organisation (AISBL/ IVZW under Belgian Law. BCE registration:  833 607 112) and the membership association for the European National Mapping, Cadastral and Land Registry Authorities.

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