26 January 2023

President’s Statement on Secretary General and Executive Director

EuroGeographics has today announced that Léa Bodossian is to leave the Association after almost two-and-half-years as Secretary General and Executive Director.

Léa joined EuroGeographics when the global pandemic was redefining business as usual and, during this time and under her leadership, the Association swiftly refocussed its operations to continue to provide benefits to members, meet user requirements for official geospatial data, and establish partnerships to form the foundations for future collaborations. 

As a result, together with its members, EuroGeographics is now ready to face the future with a renewed cooperation with major institutional stakeholders at European level (Eurostat, the European Environment Agency, the Commission, the European Parliament) and global level (a letter of collaboration with the United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD), the Secretariat of the UN Committee of Experts on Global Geospatial Information Management’s (UN-GGIM)).

The Management Board, on behalf of all members, wishes to warmly thank Léa for her energy, dedication, and ethical approach to EuroGeographics, as well as her commitment to the membership in order to ensure that members roles, capabilities and concerns are understood in Europe and beyond. 

Léa will leave EuroGeographics on 26 January 2023. In the interim, Sallie Payne Snell will be Acting Secretary General and Executive Director.

Colin Bray, President, EuroGeographics