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7th Meeting of the Coordinating Committee of the Struve Geodetic Arc


7th September 2016 - 8th September 2016

Title Presenter Size/type
Host presentation: National Land Board of Estonia Tambet Tiits, ELB 1 MB, PDF
UNESCO objects in Estonia Margit Siim, UNESCO
National Report: Estonia Karin Kollo 524 kb, PDF
National Report: Latvia Ivars Liepins 5 MB, PDF
National Report: Norway Per Christian Bratheim 731 kb, PDF
National Report: Russian Federation Anatolyj Bogdanov 1 MB, PDF
National Report: Lithuania Saulius Urbanas 145 kb, PDF
National Report: Finland Jyrkki Puupponen 3 MB, PDF
National Report: Sweden Dan Norin 1 MB, PDF
Communication and Management mechanisms for the Struve Arc Coordinating Committee. UNESCO initiatives Saulius Urbanas 369 kb, PDF
C. F. Tenner Tõnu Viik, Tartu Observatory 1 MB, PDF
Struve Geodetic Arc and Tartu Old Observatory Janet Laidla / Lea Leppik,
University of Tartu
651 kb, PDF
Commemoration of STRUVE geodetic Arc through collectables Arunas Buga, VGTU, Institute
of Geodesy
Web and Struve Geodetic Arc Ivars Liepinš, LGIA 1 MB, PDF
Fundamental element of the geodetic infrastructure – Struve Arc Janis Kaminskis, Riga
Technical University
Struve Geodetic Arc. Continued research Valeriy Gleizer  
Analyses and ideas of Struve Geodetic Arc points landscape in Latvia Ivars Liepinš, LGIA 3 MB, PDF
Local activities in Estonia Aivar Niinemägi, MTÜ Paik 2 MB, PDF
Management plan of Struve Geodetic Arc in Norway Gerd Johanne Valen,
Municipality of Hammerfest
492 kb, PDF
Heritage of Swedish-Russian Arc of Meridian. Expedition on Svabard Mikhail Malakhov 8.3 MB, PDF
Connections between the Struve Geodetic Arc and the Arc of the 30th meridian Jan De Graeve 310 kb, PDF


7th September 2016
8th September 2016