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Joint WPLA/CLRKEN Workshop, April 2017


21st April 2017

The CLRKEN organised a joint workshop together with the UNECE Working Party on Land Administration (WPLA) on 21 April 2017 in Lausanne, Switzerland. It was hosted by the Swiss Federal Office of Topography swisstopo.

The workshop took place at the SwissTech Convention Center on the campus of the EPFL.

Report of WPLA/CLRKEN Joint Workshop (3.4MB)

List of Participants

Workshop Brochure


Session 1 – Land Administration ‘Made in Switzerland’
Land Administration In Switzerland Daniel Steudler, Switzerland
Organizational And Technical Implementation Of Cadastral System Christian Kaul, Switzerland
Enhancements Of The Cadastral System In Switzerland – ‘Public Law Restrictions On Landownership’ And ‘Utility Cadastre’ Christoph Käser, Switzerland


Session 2 – Efficient Land Management through Enhanced Land Administration Functions
Land Consolidation In A Modern Setting In The Netherlands Marije Louwsma, Netherlands
Rail Baltic As The Land Consolidation Project Tambet Tiits, Estonia
Collaborative Approaches For Bringing Together Land Development And Land Administration Lilian Zihlmann, Switzerland
Definition Of Territories’ Boundaries As An Effective Tool For Land Management Mikhail Bocharov, Russia



Session 3 – Digital Challenges and Opportunities
Connecting BIM To Smart Cities – Standards & Policy James Kavanagh, England
Co Development Of Adaptable Land Register Information System Initiative (link to prezi) Ingmar Vali, Estonia
The Land Code – The Fourth Revolution In Geoinformation Xavier Comtesse, Switzerland
Why Do We Talk About Blockchain Technology? Mats Snäll, Sweden



Session 4 – The Need for 3D
Next Generation Land And Urban Systems Are 3D Mika Törhönen, The World Bank
Drivers For 3D Developments Helena Åström, Switzerland
Recent Developments In 3D With Special Reference To Cadastral Registration Efi Dimopoulou, Greece
The Added Value Of 3D For Exploration And Design Activities In Geodata Rich Environments François Golay, Switzerland



21st April 2017