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PCC Plenary and Joint Cadastre and Land Registry KEN workshop


6th June 2019 - 7th June 2019

A very successful joint PCC and EuroGeographics Cadastre and Land Registry Knowledge  Exchange Network (CLRKEN) worksho followed by the PCC Plenary was held under the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union in Bucharest; National Agency for Cadastre and Land Registration of Romania (ANCPI) was hosting the PCC Conference. The event was well attended by more than 70 delegates from 27 countries.

The theme of PCC Conference was ‘The Economic Impact of Cadastre for the Society’. The  conference was organized in cooperation with EuroGeographics CLRKEN as a joint event, based on the Common Vision Agreement.

The agenda is available here. Find the presentations below:

Presentations Day 1:

No Title Presenter Size [MB]
1 Romania: Cadastre a Solid Foundation for Economic and Social Growth Victor Grigorescu 8,2
2 Finland-Cadastre – A Cornerstone of a Functioning National Economy Pekka Halme 0,7
3 Spain: The Role of the Cadastres in the Growth of the Spanish Economy Amalia Velasco 2,3
4 Croatia: Benefits for the Society by Improving the Croatian Cadastral Data Mirko Stefanek, Nina Stopic 3,0
5 Sweden: Sustainable and Smart Cadastre Magdalena Andersson 1,1
6 Poland Cadastral Information in Poland R.Wladzinski + D.Kopczewski 7,0
7 Moldova The Economic Impact of Cadastre in the Republic of Moldova Olga Buzu 1,3

Presentations Day 2:

No Title Presenter Size [MB]
1 Austria – ”Economic Aspects of the Real Property Markets” Julius Ernst 1,5

Netherlands – ”The Evolving Role of Cadastres and Land Registries Beyond the Registration of Ownership”

Martin Salzmann 1,1

Belgium – ”The Belgian Cadastre: Economic Impact on the National and Local Levels of Society”

Jolien Neckebroeck 1,1
4 Portugal – “Portuguese Cadastre: The State of The Art” Paulo Torrinha 0,8
5 Czech Republic – ”Economic Impact and Reliability of the Czech Cadastre” Jaroslav Bacina 0,6

EuroGeographics CLRKEN – Summary of the Questionnaire on the “Economic Impact of Cadastre”

Economic Impact of Cadastre – Document

Daniel Steudler




Italy – ”Economic impact of the cadastral information in the real estate  taxation in  Italy”

Marco Selleri 1,0

Ukraine – ”Development and Prospective of State Land Cadastre in Ukraine”

Dmytro Makarenko 3,0

ELRA The Economic Role of Land Registration

Jan Moerkerke 0,3



6th June 2019
7th June 2019


Bucharest, Romania