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International Workshop on Spatial Data and Map Quality


20th January 2015 - 21st January 2015

This event is a EuroGeographics activity.

A number of international groups and organisations actively involved in spatial data and map quality issues are organizing a two-day international workshop aimed at providing innovative and original contribution to the ongoing debate on spatial data and map quality issues and at improving the process of knowledge transfer by means of the development of new techniques and methods for quality assessment of spatial data sets and the maps produced.

Download workshop announcement for further details. Please direct any queries to Carol Agius.

Workshop Programme

Presentations – Day 1

Presenter Title  Size/type
Daniël Te Winkel The Dutch Key register Topography as open data 4.2 MB, PDF
Kai Koistinen Quality information representation in ELF Geo Product Finder 0.7 MB, PDF
Lysandros Tsoulos

Quality Assessment in the framework of Model Generalization

0.6 MB, PDF
Rodolphe Devillers Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI) and other cartographic (r)evolutions -will be uploaded shortly 2.2 MB, PDF
Vyron Antoniou

On the Volunteered Geographic Information Quality

0.6 MB, PDF
Carol Agius Quality Management Practices in European National Mapping and Cadastral Authorities 1.7 MB, PDF

Presentations – Day 2

Presenter Title  Size/type
Antti Jakobsson

Opening Remarks

0.7 MB, PDF
Anja Hopfstock ELF Data Quality Reporting Process 0.9 MB, PDF
Antti Jakobsson Quality Management of the European Location Framework 0.7 MB, PDF
Dolors Barrot, Jordi Escriu, Anna Lleopart, Maria Pla and Blanca Baella

Metadata for (topographic) data on-demand

0.7 MB, PDF
Ivan Ivanovich Lonskiy and Anja Hopfstock

Estimation of quality of cartographical products

0.6 MB, PDF
Jo Shannon Good Quality Data, Maximising Business Value 0.9 MB, PDF
Lies De Meulenaer and Barbara Bulkens Quality control of Large-scale Reference Data at the Flemish Geographical Information Agency 0.7 MB, PDF
Matt Tobin and Stephen Tope

Predictive Analysis and Probability of Error Scoring, Study and Practise

0.6 MB, PDF
Paul Hardy, Jay Cary, Roberto Lucchi and Rene Hinojosa

Consistency and Quality of INSPIRE & ELF Data, using GIS Tools

0.6 MB, PDF
Antti Jakobsson

Closing Remarks

0.6 MB, PDF

Draft agenda can be found here


20th January 2015
21st January 2015


Old University Campus
Valetta, Malta