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Workshop on Transformation of EL and OI, September 2015


29th September 2015 - 30th September 2015

This workshop took place on 29-30 September 2015 and was hosted by ICGC (Institut Cartografic I Geologic de Catalunya) in the nice city of Barcelona. Around twenty persons attended this event, coming from NMCAs but also from other communities (hydrography, meteorology, University). The workshop was devoted to share our experiences about transformation and download of the coverage INSPIRE themes Elevation and Ortho-imagery.

The first part of the workshop on 29/09 morning was dedicated to present the context and to a training session, kindly ensured by Alex Mircea Dumitru of Jakobs University (Bremen – Germany).

Introduction video
Training session on coverage data and services video

The 29/09 afternoon was devoted to national experiences on transformation of themes Elevation and Ortho-image and to related activities in the ELF project.

Title Presenter Video
Experience from IGN France D. Laurent video
Experience from  ICGC J.Escriu video
Experience from  CUZK V.Kusova video
Experience from Saxon S.Dupke video
Experience from IGN Spain J. Delgado Hernández video
ELF Inventory S.Urbanas video
ELF pilot on EuroDEM S.Urbanas video
ELF Imagery view service S.Urbanas video

The 30/09 was devoted to experiences of Web Coverage Services and about the progress in INSPIRE related to coverage services (in MIWP 7b) and about coverage themes (in Thematic Clusters).

Title Presenter Video
Data portal Flemish Hydrography M.Roesbeke video
WCS in ICGC J.Escriu video
WCS in Finnish Meteorological Institute R.Teervo video
WCS NLSS   video
WCS MIWP 7b J.Escriu video
Thematic cluster LC-LU L.Hallin-Pihlatie video
Thematic cluster OI – EL J.Escriu video

Download the meeting minutes

Following-up webinar on coverages, 18th January 2016

The webinar was set for responding to the remaining questions after the INSPIRE KEN workshop in Barcelona, Set 2015. Peter Bauman (Bremen University) kindly agreed to answer those questions. Dominique Laurent (IGN-F) made introduction and Jordi Escriu (ICGC, Barcelona) shared the news from MIG regarding coverage topics and presented the open items.

Title Presenter
Introduction D. Laurent
Open items from the workshop in Barcelona J.Escriu
Follow-up webinar on Coverages & WCS P.Baumann
Record of the webinar YouTube

Webinars related to coverage data and services are available on


29th September 2015
30th September 2015


Institut Cartografic I Geologic de Catalunya
Barcelona, Spain