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Common Vision Conference 2017


5th October 2017 - 6th October 2017

The Austrian Federal Office for Metrology and Surveying BEV organised the Common Vision Conference 2017 in conjunction with the 200-years-celebration of the Austrian cadastre. It was a joint conference by EULIS, EuroGeographics, CLGE, FIG, ELRA, PCC and UNECE-WPLA and took place on 5/6 Oct. 2017 in Vienna, Austria.

Report of CVC2017 (in preparation)

List of Participants

Program of Conference


Tradition Meets Innovation Wernher Hoffman, Austria
 Session 1 – Tradition, Still a Representation for Sustainability? 
Cadastre Made Austria: 200 Years In Quick Motion  Julius Ernst, Austria
Land Registry: From The Past To The Future  Dorine Burmanje, Netherlands
Austrian Land Book On IT: Tradition Based Innovative Sustainability Manfred Buric, Austria
Regulation Of Cadastral Surveyor’s Activity In Russia: New Federal Law Vladimir Tikhonov, Russia
Session 2 – Change of Purpose of the Cadastre
Evolution Of Cadastral System In The Russian Federation: Results Of 25 Years Konstantin Litvintcev, Russia
Use Of Data From Land Cadastre For Mass Appraisal In Belarus Dimitrij Rytvinski, Belarus
Property Registration: From The Marathon Run To Flash Operation – As Effect Of ICT And BPR Andre Kwitowski, Netherlands
Future Aspects Of The Cadastre In A Changing World Maurice Barbieri, Switzerland
Session 3 – Challenges of the Digital Era
The Impact Of Digitization: How Participatory Will The Cadastre Function Be In The Future Martin Salzmann, Netherlands
Step By Step Ronald Krieglsteiner, Austria
The Role Of Land Registries And Its Interconnection In The Digital Era Nuria Raga Sastre, Spain
E Services To Citizens, Government And Businesses. Lithuanian Experience Arvydas Bagdonavicius, Lithuania
Session 4 – Continuous Need for Innovation
Development Of The Ukrainian Cadastre System Using The Block Chain Technologies In The Cadastral System Dmytro Makarenko, Ukraine
UN GGIM: Europe Core Data Themes Dominique Laurent, France
The Land Registry Interconnection Portal: When Will It Happen? Rik Wouters, Netherlands
The Strength Of Authoritative Data: A Cadastre Of Aeronautical Obstacles – The Possible Cooperation Of NMCA’s With Geodetic Surveyors Jean-Yves Pirlot, Belgium
Session 5 – Future Aspects
The Land Code – Future Aspects From A Swiss Perspective Daniel Steudler, Switzerland
Are We Embracing The Global Transformative Forces? Fredrik Zetterquist, Sweden
The Cadastre 2035 – Research Project Kirsikka Riekkinen, Finland
Cadastre 4.0 – Integrating The Community For Global Security On Land Tenure Gerda Schennach, Austria
Final Session
Summary And Wrap Up Of Findings Daniel Steudler, Switzerland


5th October 2017
6th October 2017